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‘Engaging with the line’ (2018)

‘Focus of Morality’ (2017)

‘No Refugee’ (2017)

‘Duty é Cause’ (2016)

I would describe myself and my practice as the practice of an ‘artist educator’. A practice where I combine my work as an artist and as a researcher with my work as an educator.


I have a technical expertise in the digital arts, including but not limited to; photo and video manipulation, animation, digital illustration and web design. The content of my work is related to the work of Dutch artist such as Jonas Staal, Tinkerbel, Arjen Lubach and Hans Teeuwen, the addressing and discussing of controversial subjects to fight taboos and censorship.


In 2017 I graduated with the advanced qualification for teaching fine art and design, cultural and artistic training, general art, and art and design from my bachelor art and design in education from the university of the arts, ArtEZ in Arnhem. Now, june 2018, I finished the international masters artist educator at the same university. I started the masters to enhance my knowledge and expertise in my practice.

Interational Masters Artist Educator (iMAE)

ArtEZ University of the arts, Arnhem


Bachelor Art and Design in Education (FADE)

ArtEZ University of the arts, Arnhem

(In accordance with article 7.6 of the Dutch higher education and research act, this certificate entitles the candidate to the advanced qualification for teaching fine art and design, cultural and artistic training, general art, and art and design.)

Education projects:


Professional Placement Northern Ireland

The Playhouse, Derry/ London-Derry

Northen Ireland, United Kingdom

March 2018


Professional Placement Arnhem

Kunstbedrijf Arnhem, Arnhem

January en February 2018


Project ‘Focus of morality’

Rijnijssel college, Arnhem

April 2017- June 2017


Art and Culture,

Elementary school Project

OBS De Meander Driel

April 2014- June 2014


Art and Culture,

Elementary school Project

OBS De Kilmboom, Heteren

April 2014- June 2014



Controlled final internship

Graafschap college, Doetinchem

October 2016- May 2017


Continuation internship

Candea college, Duiven

October 2015- january 2016


Fundamental internship

Het Rhedens, Dieren

January 2015- April 2015


Orientation internship

Rietveld Lyceum, Doetinchem

October 2013- Januari 2014




Het land van Jan Klaassen

February 2011- October 2016

Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe InDesign CC

Adobe Illustrator CC

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe Animate CC

(before Adobe Flash)

Adobe After Effects CC

Adobe Muse CC


Adobe Lightroom CC

Affinity Photo


‘Engaging with the line’ was my graduation film for completion of the international masters artist educator (iMAE. It is a visual enquiry in to the world of art education in relation to freedom of speech, freedom of expression, controversy and taboos.


Focus of morality, was the title of my was graduation work at the art academy. An installation in which the duality of morality is explored. In collaboration with students from the MBO studies media design we have created a series of animations. I had prepared a series of workshops where I taught the students the basics of digital illustrating. In the assignment that was attached to the workshops, the pupils had to depict a personal / social irritation. I finally incorporated all these animations into the work, with the permission of the students.

‘No Refugee’, was an initiative of the ‘droom makerij’ in Nijmegen. They were working on a rock opera / musical about the experience of two refugees arriving in the Netherlands. I was asked to make an animation for the beginning of the show to depict the journey from Syria to the Netherlands. Based on the narrative the director had come up with, I created an animation of a few minutes about the flight of two refugees from Syria to the Netherlands.

‘Duty e cause’ was a collaborative project between me and a number of acquaintances who are all in IT. We started discovering and investigating whether it was possible to develop a video game together. We worked together for a couple of months to realize a game. As illustrator and animator I was responsible for the game’s appearance, my acquaintances were busy working with the code of the game and how the game should play. In the end, everyone was too busy with other projects that we could not bring it to a successful conclusion.

For contact or more information email info@sjorshouwer.nl