For his graduation work Sjors was talking to a nurse. This nurse told a story, he had to administer morphine to a client. There was only a boy crying before him, the boy had a splinter. The nurse told Sjors that he first helped the boy because, according to the nurse, pain is pain. This is the philosophy of which Sjors started to make his graduation work. The pain that a morphine patient should feel is not comparable to the pain of a splinter. Yet this is an example of a case we compare. If there is a boat full of refugees sinking, but at that moment someone is impeding in the queue. What's worse then, at that moment?

Sjors his bachelor thesis goes about the relation between art and politics. How artist in the Netherlands get arrested for the work that they make. (Self-)censorship is in my eyes never good. Sjors does not approve the work all the artists he discussed in his thesis, but their work is a perfect starting point for a discussion in his lessons and graduation work.

As part of graduating from his bachelor fine art and design in education, Sjors made a video installation with these animation on display.

Sjors Houwer at the DBKV shorts presentations (May 2017). He explains his work process for his graduation work. The presentation is in Dutch.

At the end of 2016 Sjors was approached to make an introduction animation for the rock opera ‘No Refugee’. The Rock opera tells the story of two Syrian refuges in the Netherlands, the introduction would tell the story how the refugees came to the Netherlands.

The First version Sjors made for the Rock Opera was a sketch to illustrate how the final product could look like. The second version is a lot more like the final product. It is still a sketch but the direction Sjors is going is clear. The following versions are alterations made at later stages of the animating process.

The rock opera is 14 and 15 October 2017 at Lindenberg (Nijmegen)

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