Midway through his bachelor near the end of his second year Sjors made a wide array of self-portraits. This is a small selection.

Working on canvas or paper is a large part of the bachelor fine art and design in education. Early in his third year Sjors made these paintings. The bottom painting was a collaboration whit Vera Schepers.

As an upcoming artist, it is important that you have knowledge of a wide variety of techniques. Up top are two images of an etching book Sjors made. The bottom pictures is an assembly Sjors made.

At the end of his second year at the academy, Sjors produced. In collaboration with Ilse Verbeek.
A pair of animations that exposed two sides of a fictional conflict. Here you can see the animation made by Sjors.

Boomerang cards are the only form of advertising that people actively seek and save. At a time when everything is digital, the analog alternative is greatly appreciated. This applies to vinyl, but also to physical cards. In collaboration with Kim van Iterson, Sjors made a series cards with political messages.

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